Bulent Ozdemir is a Multi Award Nominated Screenwriter, Director and Filmmaker. His filmmaking journey began in 2010 after many years of work within the insurance industry. That's the formalities over with.

My first script to screen short film, One Last Kiss (2010), told the story of a distraught man who finds a way to see his deceased wife again. This set the tone for my other short films: Setback (2011), Promised (2012), 30 Seconds 2 Late (2012) and The Soldier (2013).  All lo/no budget productions which combined received: 3 Maverick Movie Award Nominations, Official Festival Screenings in the UK, US and Australia, Multiple Q&A Screenings in London and a World Wide Distribution Deal with IndieFlix.

My writing and filmmaking style has been described by many as dark, atmospheric and very visual. Though I must admit, my cinema going tastes and most of the scripts I've written relate more closely with actionadventure and black comedy genres.

Bulent Ozdemir Filmmaker Director Screenwriter
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About Bulent Ozdemir. London based Filmmaker skilled in Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography and Editing.

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